• In the context of the prevention against the COVID-19 pandemic, a Travel Registration Form (FRV) was created, with the aim of obtaining information on the characterization of passengers wishing to travel to Angola.

  •  If you have already purchased your ticket and are already registered with an Angolan Embassy abroad, as part of the ongoing repatriation, you do not need to re-register, we will ensure your registration.

  • From the launch of the FRV, we suggest that you register to return with a minimum of 72 hours in advance, so that. Receive a specific notice that your request for return to Angola is properly registered/p>

How does FRV work for Angola? 

All Citizens wishing to travel to Angola must make their Travel Registration.

For an effective and efficient management of the pandemic, the health authorities of Angola must take note of their trip to Angola, thus ensuring the proper health control that the State of Public Calamity requires.