Consul's message

Welcome to the new official portal of the consulate General of Angola in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We hope to provide you with an overview of Angola’s vision, its endeavors in the United Arab Emirates as per His Excellency President João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenços strategy.

The Republic of Angola has vast natural resources, with large reserves of minerals, oil, vast agricultural lands, diverse marine resources, abundant flora and fauna, as well as natural beauty for tourism. Angola is also a favorable business environment that facilitates the businessman to invest in Angola within a good economic atmosphere.

We hope this website offers you a window of opportunities to know Angola and visit its treasures and learn more about its history, politics and culture. Angola and the United Arab Emirates have maintained a solid friendship based on encouraging and strengthening means of cooperation in different fields to achieve economic advancement. The consulate is committed to deepening cooperation between the two countries.

Within the scope of the consulate’s activities, Dubai Expo 2020 will be a focal point for Angola, with our pavilion among the first to be completed and strong business and cultural programs taking shape.

 Finally, I hope you to find on this page, besides the information you seek, features that will awaken your enthusiasm for travelling to our country Angola, discover, or rediscover, the diversity of landscapes, the cuisine and the traditions of Angola, from where we departed one day looking for the rest of the world.

Bento Salazar Andre
Consul General

H.E Bento Salazar andrÉ morgado