National Day of Angola in Dubai , Proclaimed Angolan Businessmen’s Club in the United Arab Emirates 

The Angolan Businessmen’s Club in the United Arab Emirates (CERA) was proclaimed Friday, 17.11.23, in Dubai, on to help boost business between Angolans and Emiratis.

Witnessed by the Ambassador of Angola to the United Arab Emirates, Júlio Maiato, and his Excellency Mr Bento Salzar Andre ,  the Consul-General of Angola in Dubai and the Northern Emirates  , the constitutive act of the association was sealed between the Angolan businessman Henrique António .

On the occasion, marked by the ceremony commemorating 48 years of National Independence with the Angolan community residing in Dubai, headed by His Excellency   Bento Salzar  André “Morgado”  , considered that the increase in the number of Angolan citizens interested in investing in the country and in the United Arab Emirates is visible, encouraging them to this challenge, aiming for balance in bilateral relations.

To give shape to cooperation, he said, a group of Angolan businessmen on their own initiative decided to create the Angolan Businessmen’s Club in the United Arab Emirates, a non-profit legal entity under private law with purposes of general interest, in cooperation with the central administration. or local area of Angola and the United Arab Emirates and is governed autonomously in the development of its activities, with the mission of promoting the Angolan business fabric in the United Arab Emirates.

“It is with great honor that we have just witnessed the Constitutive Act of the Installation Committee of the aforementioned Club and we are certain that it will contribute to the promotion of national business and beyond”, stated the Angolan diplomat.

In turn, Henrique António, who also read the Constitutive Act as Coordinator of the Club’s Installation Committee, considered its birth as a historic milestone on the horizon of bilateral relations between Angola and the United Arab Emirates, as it will help to develop growth business solidification both in the Emirates and in Angola