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Angola's economy is overwhelmingly
driven by its oil sector.
3. Working Visa: is granted to those foreigners who travels to Angola engaged by the State or by any other company established in the country, to exercise remunerated professional activity, only to a State organization or company which engaged him.
Application form
Passport and 3 copies of Passport +++
3 color passport size photographs
Fax invitation and copy of documents of the Company from Angola (Sent directly to the Embassy of Angola Abu Dhabi, UAE)
Company or Personal letter (original + 2 copies)
3 copies of contract ***
3 Curriculum Vitae Certificates (3 copies) ***
Written undertaking to comply with Angolan Laws
Criminal Record – (original + 2 copies)*** +++
Medical records (original + 2 copies) +++
Immunization card
Fee       1825.00 AED
*** To be translated to Portuguese

+++ Authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and to be stamped by the Embassy.

Stamp fee : 80.00 AED.

Visa will take more than a month to be issued.

All documents in triplicate.

All urgent visas will cost 50% extra of the original fees.

Duly completed Application form.

Passport valid for at least 12 months.

3 colored photographs.

international certificate of vaccination.

work contract.

certificate of academic and professional qualifications.

curriculum vitae.

Criminal record certificate issued by the authorities from the country of residence
Medical Record Certificate issued by the country of origin.

document with favorable assent from the Ministry of the Public Administration, Employment and Social Security for cases where institution or public companies or supervisory organs for the activity in cases of private institutions and companies.


For the application of any sort of visa, the passport must be valid for at least 6 months.