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Angola's economy is overwhelmingly
driven by its oil sector.
2. Ordinary Visa: is granted to those foreigners that for family reasons and business feasibilityStudy, intends to enter into Angolan territory. The bearers will not be allowed to carry out remunerated work nor to fix their Residence in Angola.
Application form
A passport valid for at least 6 months
2 Photographs
Invitation letter from Angola (which must contain the reason of trip and period of stay)

a) Invitation from a Company must be attached with 3 company documents: Commercial Licence (i.e. Alvara), Registration of the Company (i.e. Diario da Republica) and Last Corporation Tax Receipt (i.e. Documento de Arrecadacao de Receitas ou seja D.A.R.);

b) Personal Invitation letter and ID Card where the signature must be recognized by the public notary in Angola

Flight ticket or itinerary from Airline Company or travel Agency;

International Certificate of vaccination (including yellow fever vaccine)

This visa can take less or longer than usual to be issued. Applicant sometimes may be asked for an interview. Additional documents may be required.
Single entry
Fee           515.00 AED