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Angola's economy is overwhelmingly
driven by its oil sector.
Message from consul General

Welcome to the portal of the Consulate General of Angola in Dubai and Northern Emirates. This entry point, www.angolaconsulate.ae is part of our continuous effort in offering services to our partners, in a faster and efficient way, keeping them informed on topics and events related to Angola, in particular revolving around the interest of the travelers to Angola, as well as for the members of the Angolan community residing in this Country which is hosting us.


In this way, we hope that this small tool  may facilitate the concrete representation of our goal of providing information related to issue on migration, notarial issues and of civil registry, for example to obtain entry visas to Angola, acknowledgement of documents and registrations of birth, issuance of certificates, organization of papers for the issuance of the Angolan passport, issuance of licenses; that at the same time may introduce the interested parties, brokers, on matters related to the Investment of private capital as form of participation in the development process of the economy of Angola, in this crucial phase in which are strengthened  with Government actions together with its partners in the exploration of the huge resources the Country avails, namely in the sector of farming, fossil, construction of infrastructures,  etc…


This tool is for this reason, an interactive space in which all the interested parties can directly or indirectly participate. We are, then open to receive appraisals and critics which can assist us in shaping this space to the effective needs of our users, through suggestions which can be sent through the cintact details mentioned in this website.


With my Best Regards,


Bento Salazar Andre
Consul General of Angola in Dubai