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Rapper MCK Forbidden to Leave Angola

ANALYSISBy Rafael Marques De Morais

The Angolan immigration services have barred the well-known rapper MCK, from leaving Luanda's International Airport, to perform at a Rap Festival in Brazil on November 26.

MCK told Maka Angola that the immigration officials told him that they had "superior orders" to prevent him from leaving the country.

According to the rapper, he asked the immigration authorities "whether this order was based on some legal procedures, whether there was a problem with his passport or visa."

"They only told me that these were 'superior orders' and that the instructions were that they should return my passport only after the TAAG [Angolan airliner] flight for Rio de Janeiro had left," said MCK.

Once the plane had taken off, the immigration officials returned the passports and the boarding passes of MCK and his back up singer, Toy Fox.